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The relationship between your business and your employees is of paramount importance. We help numerous companies in ensuring that the employee and employer relationship is smooth sailing and for those moments when disputes arise we offer professional and legal advice to employers to ensure that the best possible outcome is reached.

At Adam Bernard Solicitors we can provide an effective resolution to your employment needs and can help with the following:

  • Beginning of employment relationship – contracts, employment status, drafting of office policies, written statement of employment particulars
  • Advice and guidance on fair disciplinary or dismissal procedures
  • Advice and guidance on following a fair grievance procedure
  • Professional advice on action and negotiation when dealing with aggrieved or difficult employees
  • Professional advice when assessing the strengths and value of the Employment Tribunal claim against you
  • Representing and defending you during the ACAS Conciliation stage and Employment Tribunal Proceedings
  • Drafting of Settlement Agreements


  • Employer Advice Scheme
  • Bespoke Employment Contracts and Handbooks
  • Settlement Agreements (Formerly Compromise Agreements) for employers
  • Employment Tribunal
  • ACAS
  • Settlement
  • No Win No Fee Basis

Employer Advice Scheme

We also provide an Employer Advice Scheme which is a cost effective scheme designed to protect the employer against any Employment Tribunal Claims. We are able to provide you with professional ongoing advice to prevent claims at a fixed annual cost. As an optional extra we can conduct an annual review of employment contracts and procedures to ensure you are compliant with the current legislation.

Bespoke Employment Contracts and Handbooks

We also provide Employer Advice Scheme which is a cost effective scheme designed to protect the employer against any Employment Tribunal Claims. We are able to provide you with professional ongoing advice to prevent claims at a fixed annual cost. As an optional extra we can conduct an annual review of employment contracts and procedures to ensure you are compliant with the current legislation.We can also help by drafting handbooks and policies that match your company’s ideology and that cover all legal and practical issues.

Settlement Agreements (Formerly Compromise Agreements) for employers

Settlement Agreement is an important part of terminating a working relationship or dispute between employer and employee. It lays out the terms of the employee leaving their job. A correctly drafted Settlement Agreement can protect an employer from any further claims from the employee.

For a Settlement Agreement to be valid it will need to contain certain terms, and the employee must take legal advice to ensure that they understand what they are signing. You would normally contribute towards the legal fees for this advice, however the size of the contribution is up to you.

We can help in preparing the Settlement Agreements that is tailored to suit your business needs.

How we work

At the initial consultation we will ascertain the advice you are seeking, your objectives and ideal resolution to the matter. In dispute matters we will be able to advise on the strengths and weaknesses of your position and anticipate the compensation that your employee would likely receive should the matter proceed to ET as well as pragmatic and practical advice on what steps should be taken in order to resolve the matter effectively. If you wish to appoint us, we will agree on a course of action which we will implement by corresponding with the opposition or, if appropriate, completing the relevant Employment Tribunal documentation. Whenever we receive any communication from the opposition which requires a decision from you, we will copy this to you, discuss the options, provide you with our professional advice and, once you have made your decision, relay it to the opposition. When advising we will also consider whether there are any practical solutions to the problem that you are facing.


How we work

It is extremely important to be treated fairly and to be valued in the workplace. Whether you are employed part time, full time, permanently or temporary, are employed through an agency or even in some instances you are self employed, you deserve to have your rights as individual and employee respected. Unfortunately some employers do not treat their employees with the respect and decency that they require.

We understand how stressful dealing with employment matters are, and that is why we believe that everyone deserves expert legal advice and a dedicated service. Ever changing laws make it difficult for employees to know their rights and even more difficult to have these rights enforced at work place, if the employer is non cooperative.

We can help with the following:

  • Non payment of Wages
  • Non payment of Holiday pay, Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay etc
  • Unfair or Constructive Dismissal
  • Discrimination Matters
  • Disciplinary procedures against you by your employer
  • Harassment (Sexual and otherwise) and Bullying at work
  • Breach of Contract
  • Non payment of Minimum National Wage
  • Suspension from work – paid and unpaid
  • General Bad treatment by your employer or another colleague
  • Bullying and Victimisation at work
  • Redundancy and TUPE issues



It is a legal requirement that all employees, before bringing a claim against the employer at the Employment Tribunal gives an employer a chance to enter into conciliation. This service is provided by ACAS. However ACAS does not provide legal advice and therefore making the negotiation for settlement or resolution of the matter with your employer quite a difficult and daunting process. We can provide full support and negotiate with your employer through ACAS on your behalf. Making your case a strong one during the ACAS conciliation can show your employer that you are in a very strong position legally and making the settlement a much more likely and less costly outcome. It is often better for you and your employer to resolve problems using the ACAS grievance and disciplinary procedures before problems reach an Employment Tribunal claim.

Employment Tribunal

Sometimes however matters cannot be resolved through ACAS. If you however believe that you have a claim against your employer we can help. We will always explore other alternatives to claim such as negotiating a Settlement or Mediation. If your claim proceeds to Employment Tribunal we will support you through the process so that the chances of success are maximized.

We will also assist you to apply for Fee Remission. ET fee can cost up to £250 to file a claim and up to £960 for hearing Fee. We will, if you are eligible, assist you with an application for Fee Remission so that you do not have to pay this fee.


If you have been issued with the Settlement Agreement by your employer as part of your agreement to terminate the working relationship, it is a legal requirement that you seek legal advice on the terms and conditions of the settlement agreement for it to be valid. By signing the agreement, you are agreeing not to take any legal action against your employer and in return, your employer is agreeing to pay you a sum of money. Once the agreement is signed it cannot be varied, therefore correct and precise advice is very important prior to signing any such agreements.

We will assess your situation and be able to advice whether you should be entitled to more, or you have a potential claim against your employer. We will also assess and be able to advice if the level of compensation offered is reasonable.

We have successfully renegotiated settlement agreements with employers and have reached a number of higher settlement sums for the employees as a result, even when employees believed that no larger sum is possible. We have also successfully attained references to be added to the settlement agreement that ensured that our clients had a chance for a good alternative employment. In all cases, the employer was the one paying the fee of our legal advice and therefore if your employer does not offer this fee we can request it on your behalf.

No Win No Fee Basis

In some cases we will consider representing you on a contingency fee (also known as a no win no fee basis) this depends on your circumstances. If we cannot offer you a contingency fee agreement, we are likely to be able to offer you a fixed cost agreement for your piece of mind. We will consider and discuss your options with you so that the best and most cost effective solution is provided.

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