People can't Stop saying About us. Here are some of the Testimonials from our Clients.

Felix Kwanku Adofo

Adam Bernard solicitors in my world and heart are remarkably talented lawyers. Not only did they change the life of my family by helping my wife get her stay, they helped me get mine as well. I will pray for them and hope they help others like me every day. Thank you very much Adam Bernard Solicitors.

Usman Haider

I am very much pleased with the overall services and handling of my application. I am great full of Mr. Bilal Hashmi who did all this job maturely. At the end of this day would be my new start of career. Thank you very much. Best wishes with your job. Assalam-o-Alaikum.

Pearl forson

Words cannot say how grateful I am, it has been a long wait but it is finally here. God bless you and your family. Thank you for your hard work.

Irene Igwangware

Very happy with the service, you have been very patient with us. Many thanks, Wish you will be able to help us again.

Loise Brown

I am very grateful for all the effort you have put in for me to get my status in the UK. I’ll always remember you. God bless you and your family.

Mrs Muaqin Muya

I am very greatful to have my case handled with you as you have been so helpful and give me the useful advice through out my application, me and my husband we would like to thank you so much and we wish you a best of luck on your day to day life and job.

Bhumika parekh

I am very thankful to you for handling my application. Specially you bare with me last two years. Early my husband’s application and later on our settlement application. I am wishing you best of luck in future.

Eveline T Kambidhi

I just want to give you so much thanks, from with all my heart. You did really a favour for me but now you did your part very well. I got my documents back because of you. May god will always with you and always bless your work. Thanks


I owe a sincere grateful to Adam Bernards solicitors for his professionalism and commitment to my case. I wish him success in his life and family. Thank you very much.


I am very pleased with the way you handled my application. Thanks very much.

Mr Felix

Adam Bernards not only did he change the life of my family by helping my wife get her stay, You helped me get mine as well. I will pray for you and hope you helps others like me every day. Thank you very much Adam Bernards.

Mrs Singh

Adam Bernard solicitors have been wonderful and trustworthy solicitors; I have full confidence in them. On behalf of me and my family thank you.

Duke Imoniche

I like the way the office handle my case, I was well pleased with it.I recommend anyone to use this service as they are very reliable.

Mr Francis Andoh

Very much thank you for the way you handled my application I am very appreciate and may your days be longer and God bless you. Stay blessed.

Haseeb Ahsan

I would like to thank you for your help and support over the last few months as without your help I am sure I would have not been able to sort out my visa. My matter was dealt with professionally.

Bilal Zia Siddiqi

I am highly thankful to all the members of Adam Bernard. They are so supportive and helpful. It is an honour that Adam Bernard looked at my case and always gave me time. May God bless you all.

Hanif Khan

Outstanding and reliable. A genuine and honest firm.

Susan Eruwaye

My family and I appreciate all your effort in getting a fantastic result over my immigration matter.

Syed Mohammad Raza

I was very pleased by the professional attitude of the staff at Adam Bernard and the help and support given to me at a time when it was badly needed.

Omer Rashad Khawaja

I appreciate the honesty and hard work of Adam Bernard solicitors. They treated my case as if it was their own. I have been very impressed with their work.

Baily Jacobs

I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me. May God bless you.

Aminatah Hassan

I would like to thank you for all your help. I did not think I had a chance before I came to Adam Bernard. I really appreciate all the hard work and will use this opportunity to the very best of my abilities. .

Kasope Olukgbon

Thank you for your guidance and counsel over the last five years. Your persistence and perseverance was admirable especially when it seemed the only option was to be kicked out of the country. Thank you for taking our case, fighting for us and believing we were worth it. I would like to say that the attitude shown by staff was above their job mandate. Thank you very much again for all your hard work and I wish you a lot of success with your future clients.

Rita Adjei

I cannot thank you enough for your help with my immigration issue. I had lost hope when my visa was refused, but thanks to a friend recommendation, I came to Adam Bernards and was very happy. I won’t ever forget it. Thanks again.

Phyllis Kagambo

Thanks very much for working on our behalf. It has been a long journey but now it is over. In our hearts, we feel that the staff at Adam Bernard are a part of our family. We hope we will see or work with you again in the future. Again, we are extremely thankful.

Stephen Dossa

I am very happy about the hard work done on my case. I never expected it to be completed so quickly. I will therefore recommend your good and honest work to other people. Thanks.

Benedicta Baidoo

I am very happy with the service provided by Adam Bernard. I will always recommend the firm to my friends and family. Excellent service.

Maridah M Nalwoga

I can ascertain that there is always light at the end of a tunnel. Thanks for being there from the beginning to the end. Having hope and faith is essential to human existence.

Hazel Quaye

Thank you for helping me to sort out my immigration problem. Adam Bernard managed to solve my problem in a short period of time. They are very professional in dealing with clients and are very dedicated to their work. I am happy to keep them as my solicitors for any future needs.

Tancia Lennox

I thank God I used Adam Bernard solicitors to help me and my family to achieve our settlement within a reasonable time. Their attitude is very welcoming and professional and they are very helpful. They listened to our problem and supported us in the best possible way they could. Thank you.

Anoop Domun

Lots of thanks to Adam Bernard solicitors for successfully applying and issuing me with my Biometric Residence Permit from the Home Office (UK Border Agency).

Ilen Kawasa

I cannot thank you enough for the way you have handled my case. Your professionalism is admirable and you have helped me a great deal. Thank you for your flexibility and accessibility at all times. It was really nice working with you all.

Dawn Stewart

Thank you, Adam Bernard, for your kind hospitality and service to me during my time with my immigration matter. I have received exceptional service throughout, including emails, text messages and telephone calls.

Tariq Mehmood

I am very grateful to Adam Bernard solicitors. They were very helpful and honest. They handled my case in the very best way and gave me all the support in my previous cases.

Mr Boakye

Very satisfied with the serviced received. Honesty on the firm’s part was the most attractive feature of this whole process. I am excited about the final results and will always recommend Adam Bernard to my friends and family.

Noor Muhammad

I am very grateful to the firm for applying for my application. Because of their hard work, I got my resident permit visa. God bless you and your family.

Ijeh Obichere Danie

I am very pleased with the firm’s professional approach to immigration matters, especially when it has to do with handling things the right way. Finally, the firm’s effort and professional touch has paid off. I am happy with their assistance and have been granted my residence permit.

Edna Awabu

To be a client for this firm was so amazing. I couldn’t believe it myself. The staff and everybody else were so nice. I really appreciated it, thank you.

Mohammad Shahnawaz Khan

Many thanks to the firm for the way they worked and handled the case. My family and I liked the firm’s services and we want to come again and again. Once again, many thanks.

Abigail Atta

I am very grateful for the services I received from the firm. They were able to answer all my questions and the first day I came here gave me hope. They worked hard to get what I wanted. Thank you.

Ayveer Aliyeva

Very happy with the service. A happy, friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommend Adam Bernard solicitors to my friends.

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