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What is Defamation?

Defamation can be defined as a statement that is made against another entity (an individual, a group or a corporation) which is damaging to their reputation or has the capability of damaging their reputation and such damage to reputation is causes that entity serious harm. You can visit our office in London or book an online consultation for more details.

What is the difference between Libel and Slander?

Slander is defamation of a person through a temporary form of communication, generally a speech or passing remark. Libel is defamation of a person through a permanent form of communication, mostly the written word or broadcasted/published speech. You can call us on 0207 100 2525. Adam Bernards are here 24/7 to help you.

Who can bring a claim for defamation?

Anyone who can show that the defamatory statement has caused you ‘serious harm’, then there may be prospects of bringing a successful claim. We can advise on the merits of your case and tailor a strategy to your individual circumstances.

What relief is available to victims of Defamation?

The primary forms of relief are withdrawal of the defamatory action, a corrective action on the part of the defendant to restore the lost/damaged reputation of the claimant, an published apology and/or compensation. We can pursue legal action to get you the relief that you deserve.

What are the defences to Defamation?

In general terms the main defences available are that the alleged defamatory statement made was ‘true fact’ or it was an ‘honest opinion’, it can also be argued that the statement was made in the public interest. We can assess the case against you and determine the best response and defence most applicable to you.

What services do we provide?

If you have been a victim of Defamation be it through Libel or Slander and you want relief then we can help you pursue a legal course of action to help rectify the situation. We will not only negotiate a solution with the opposing party but will also take the matter to court on your behalf should that be necessary. We also defend against claims of defamation. We draft statements of case such as claims, defences and we will also represent you at court.

We deal with-

  • Claims against Private Individuals
  • Claims against Organisations
  • Claims against Print Media
  • Claims against Broadcast Media
  • Social Media Claims

The services we provide-

  • Legal Advice & Opinions
  • Pre-Action Notices
  • Negotiations
  • Drafting and Filing of Claims
  • Drafting and Filing of Defences
  • Advocacy