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Will Writing & Consultation

A “Will” is a document that allows you to distribute your assets after your death, according to how you specify.

At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we provide a full range of services in connection with making of Wills, writing or consulting regarding Wills, solving issues related to Wills, or simply put, anything and everything to do with Wills.

We know that writing a Will is not something people naturally like to do. But writing a Will is one of the most crucial legacies you can leave behind. We have seen innumerable instances of people’s lives turned upside down, their children devastated and families torn apart because they haven’t made a Will. With Inheritances Law being as it is this isn’t surprising. A will is required if you are a,

  • Parent – You need to ensure that the division of estate among children is according to how you wish. If you have young children, you need to consider who will be their guardian and trustee in case something happens to you. If you want your children to inherit more of your estate, you’ll also need to think about inheritance taxes.
  • Married – A Will can ensure that your spouse is provided for after you pass away.
  • Unmarried – If your partner isn’t your spouse, they won’t be entitled to your assets unless you make a Will.
  • Carer – If you’re a carer, then you need to ensure that the dependent relative you’re looking after has enough money to live on.
  • Complicated – You can always decide how you wish your estate to be distributed – For example, you make provisions for a stepchild or child from a previous relationship.
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Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • Our team of probate solicitors has years of experience in writing of Wills and handling probate matters for our clients.
  • We ensure that we provide the correct legal information to assure the Will is written exactly according to the wish of our client.
  • We have numerous happy clients where we have handled highly complicated Wills and Probate matters.

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