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Is there any defences against drink driving?

There are a number of drink driving defences that our experts at Adam Bernard Solicitors are experienced in exploring for our clients. Namely, the accuracy of the intoxilyzer Machine or “breathalyzer” used at the police station, any alcohol that you may have consumed after a collision or “post-driving consumption”, any mitigating circumstances that must be taken into account that may have led to alcohol consumption or “duress of circumstances”. We cannot guarantee an acquittal as drink driving is a serious offence but we can guarantee that we will take a comprehensive background of events from you to accuratly represent to the courts in order to defend you. 


Is a driving ban the same as a criminal conviction?

No. This being said, a driver can be banned should they have been convicted of a motoring offence and a ban from driving can ultimately lead to a driving losing perspective or future employment. 

Is Speeding considered to be a crime?


After being caught by a speeding camera, a driver shall receive within 14 working days:

  • A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)
  • A Section 172 Notice

Should you be found guilty of the offence, the minimum sentencing carries a fine and 3 points on your license. This is the minimum sentence, the courts will take into account the speed at which you were traveling and the background facts surrounding the offence. Our expert motoring offence solicitors can work with you to establish whether you may have any mitigating factors or defences. 

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