Drink Driving Offence

Drink driving is a serious offence under UK laws. If you are charged with a drink-driving offence, you may face a broad range of penalties. These include fines, potential imprisonment, as well as the risk of losing your driving privileges due to disqualification.

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Drink Driving Offence Solicitors

Several factors affect a drink driving case. A court will consider all these factors when sentencing you for the offence.

It is critically important that you consult reliable drink driving offence solicitors if you are facing this charge. Qualified solicitors will help you weigh your legal options, see if there are any potential defences to the charge, and work with you through the legal proceedings.

Here at the London-based Adam Bernard’s, our drink driving offence lawyers have an extensive experience in this legal area. You can consult our motoring offence solicitors to discuss your case in detail and choose the best option for you.

Drink Driving Laws in the UK

The laws governing drink driving offences in the UK are specified in the Road Traffic Act 1988, Section 5. As per this section, drink driving offences are categorized into two types:

  • Drive/Attempt to Drive: This pertains to when your blood alcohol level is above the limit and you are actively driving or trying to drive a vehicle. Maximum penalties apply in this case.
  • In Charge: You may also be charged if your blood alcohol level is above the limit and you are not driving or trying to drive. Even if you are s