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Our team of family lawyers and divorce solicitors has a wealth of experience across numerous family matters, in specific our marriage annulment solicitors will be able to guide you on marriage annulment. 

We will ensure that all aspects of your case are handled sensitively and comprehensively to ensure you have the best possible outcome. 

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What are the grounds for nullity of a Marriage? 

Our Marriage Annulment Solicitors advice that in order to obtain an annulment you are required to show that the marriage was never legally valid or it was legally valid however there are reasons to make it ‘voidable’. 

When is a marriage considered void (Not legally valid)? Ask our Annulment family solicitors. 

A marriage is considered void if the following circumstances are present: 

  1. If you are closely related to the person you have married. 
  2. One or both of you were under 16 at the moment of the marriage.
  3. One of you were already married or in a civil partnership. 

If you want to get married again, our Nullity Solicitor advice you that you may be required to obtain a “decree of nullity”, to prove that the marriage is not valid.  

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Is there a specific timeframe to apply for Annulment?  

Our Nullity Solicitor in London explain that proceedings must be commenced within three years from the date of marriage. If the application is based on a gender recognition certificate, proceedings must be issued within 6 months of the certificate of marriage. 

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Can your marriage be voidable? Advice from our Nullity Solicitor in London.   

Your marriage can be pronounced void if you have not consummated your marriage. Our marriage annulment solicitors explain that if you have not had sexual intercourse with the person you married since the marriage (this rule does not apply for same sex marriages) your marriage can be void. 

Your marriage can be pronounced void also if: 

  1. Either party did not give consent to the marriage. 
  2. The other person was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease when you got married.
  3. The woman was pregnant by another man when you got married. 
  4. One spouse is in the process of transitioning to a different gender. 

When can I apply to obtain an annulment? 

The requirements to annul your marriage in the family court of England and Wales you or your spouse: 

  1. Must have lived in England and Wales for at least a year. 
  2. Have a permanent home in England and Wales for at least 6 months. 

How to apply for an Annulment? Read below to see the advice of our Annulment family solicitors. 

In order to obtain an annulment, once the grounds for nullity have been established, our expert marriage annulment solicitors will file an application to the court and a statement of case. Please note that there must be sufficient evidence to show why the Applicant is entitled to a dissolution. 

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