Tenancy Deposit Protection

If a landlord fails to protect your deposit, they may lose their right to evict you. As a result, you may be able to take a claim out against them for compensation.

Furthermore, a landlord is under an obligation to return your deposit when a tenancy ends in line with the terms of your tenancy. Our team of solicitors can provide legal assistance where your landlord refuses to return your tenancy deposit.

Different rules apply depending on when you entered into the agreement with your landlord. Our firm offers a free 10 min consultation to understand the issues that you are facing and to detail an approach that we will take. Visit one of our London offices and have one of our team handle your file to give you the best prospect of success.

Remember, you have 6 years to make a claim so it’s usually best to wait until your tenancy has ended and you have moved on as some landlords might try to evict you as revenge. However, if that does happen, you may have a claim under under Harassment and illegal evictions.

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