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At London-based Adam Bernard Solicitors, we can help your online business create Privacy and Cookie Policies to stay compliant with Data Protection Regulation. Online businesses typically deal with an individuals’ personal confidential information from their name to their financial information. Due to the responsibility of handling such data, Privacy and Cookie Policies are required by law to protect online users. A Privacy Policy is a required general statement which asks online users to consent to the terms at which their data is used.  These may have to be tailored to your individual business activities and the countries in which you operate.

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Privacy Policies generally include:

  • The information that is collected by the website or application.
  • The purpose of collecting the data.
  • Data storage, security and access.
  • Details of data transfers.
  • Affiliated websites or organisations.
  • Use of ‘cookies’.

‘Cookies’ are small data files that business’ place onto the web browser of users. These files collect information about consumer behaviour such as a user’s preferred language, device settings, browser activities and more which allow for an enhanced and personalised user experience.

Cookies can perform one or all of the following functions:

  • Authentication
  • Security: detects suspicious and unusual behavior
  • Performance-optimization
  • Analytics and Research
  • Most crucially, advertising: delivering a better experience for both internet users and advertisers. These cookies allow advertisers to target people most likely to be interested in their product according to their past internet browsing history

Due to this usage of consumer information, legislation requires transparency between the internet users and businesses in how their information will be used, allowing them to consent or refuse. This is done through a Cookie Policy which is either presented integrated within the Privacy Policy or separate.

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What we can do for you

 At Adam Bernard London-Based Solicitors, we can help your business implement comprehensive Cookie and Privacy Policies that will ensure your online business stays compliant with the latest legislation. We are able to create policies that can be used on any digital format including both online websites and mobile applications. These policies will keep your business safe from legal trouble, so you are able to focus on the day-to-day running of your successful internet business.

To keep your website further compliant, see: Website Acceptable Use Policy.

We can also review and advise on agreements you are being asked to sign, renegotiate new terms on existing agreements and contracts or draft entirely new contracts.

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