Franchise Agreements

At London-based Adam Bernard Solicitors, we know that franchising is an important and cost-effective way of growing your business. Franchising is when an established business allows a third party the right to operate using their trade name. Nevertheless, with franchising your business, there is added risk. For example, franchisees can damage the reputation of the original brand which may have a knock-on effect on the success of the overall business’ sales and profits. To mitigate these risks, our expert Commercial Contract Lawyers recommend the creation of Franchise Agreements. A Franchise Agreement is a legal agreement that is binding on the franchisor and the franchisee.

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Franchise Agreements Typically Include:

  • The franchisor’s expectations from the franchisee
  • How the business must be operated
  • Duration of the franchise
  • Renewal rights
  • The fee structure
  • And the franchisee’s right to sell the franchise
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Why Adam Bernard’s?

Our Commercial Contract Lawyers at Adam Bernard Solicitors offer different types of Franchise Agreements, including: 

  • Master Franchise Agreements: For those who wish to be the franchisors, this agreement will facilitate the start of a franchise. This will include the terms, conditions, sanctions, rules, and regulations that are needed to be a franchisor and to recruit franchisees.
  • Standard Franchise Agreements: This will feature all the terms that the franchisee requires in order to set up their own individual franchise branch, in accordance with the franchisor’s specifications. It specifically includes the rights that are granted, the fees that are due to the franchisor and all of the obligations that are owed to the franchisor to the franchisee.

In addition to these different services, our lawyers are incredibly commercially aware and are able to tailor all agreements to your specific industry, creating well-tailored and suitable contracts.

Further, we can review and advise on agreements you are being asked to sign, renegotiate new terms on existing agreements and contracts or draft entirely new contracts.

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