White Label Mobile Application Agreement

A White Label App is a general application software produced by a company to resell it to a customer. A White Label customer will have been given the right to use the White Label Mobile Application software to adjust and market it in their own way. Essentially, they are ready-made templates that enable companies to avoid the cost and risk of developing their own software. While they do offer these efficient advantages, the business relationship between the software creator and the White Label client nonetheless requires a written and binding agreement to ensure your business remains protected and secure.

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White Label Mobile Application Agreements are typically drafted from a developer’s viewpoint, outlining the scope and structure of the agreement which entitles the customer to distribute its mobile application using the developer’s software. The agreement should detail intellectual property rights, limitations on use and both parties obligations, alongside several other important terms. A White Label Mobile Application Agreement is necessary to ensure transparency and security for the process of forming this new business relationship. 

       A White Label Mobile Application Agreement Will Include:

  • Licenses and Restrictions

  • Services

  • Changes to the service

  • Third Party providers

  • Suppliers / Customer Obligations

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Service level agreement

  • Integrated service elements

  • Indemnity

  • Limitation of Liability

  • Term and termination

  • Conflict

  • Variation

  • Rights and Variations

  • Entire Agreement

  • Other Important terms

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We can also review and advise on agreements you are being asked to sign, renegotiate new terms on existing agreements and contracts or draft entirely new contracts.

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