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At London-based Adam Bernard Solicitors, we understand the Transport and Logistics industry. There is more to the industry than road, rail, air and water travel networks. Logistics and supply chain management is a crucial part of the industry which breaks into:

  • Freight transportation
  • Maritime and port operations
  • Postal and courier activities
  • Warehousing, storage and handling

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Due to this, the transport and logistics sector intersects into most other industries and plays a large role in the economy of the UK. It is said to be worth over £96 billion each year involving over 188,000 companies. Although successful, the industry has seen mass transformation in the past decade with new technologies and new market entrants, especially through the growth of e-commerce. Most notably, the COVID-19 pandemic had a stark impact on transport and logistics. There have been drastic changes in consumer behaviour: with 61.9% of non-food retail purchases being made online in 2020, compared to just 31.4% the year before (British Retail Consortium). Due to this, there has been increases in demand for land transport and courier services. At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we want to help your transport and logistics business navigate through these changes.

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Commercial contracts and agreements underpin all the business relationships in the transport and logistics sector.

Some of the transport and logistics contracts Adam Bernard London Solicitors offer and advise on include:

  • Logistics agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Warehousing agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Joint-venture and collaboration agreements.
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In addition, transport and logistics workers disproportionately experience work-related accidents, Adam Bernard Solicitors London can help to protect your business from liability claims.

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We can also review and advise on agreements you are being asked to sign, renegotiate new terms on existing agreements and contracts or draft entirely new contracts.

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