Influencer Agreements

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A typical Influencer Agreement will include:

• Company or brand obligations
• Influencer’s obligations
• Intellectual property
• Insurance
• Notices
• Third Party obligations
• NDA/Confidentiality clause
• Publicity clause
• Non-solicitation/Non-compete clause
• Dispute resolution
• Termination terms

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What is an Influencer/Brand Ambassador Agreement and why might you need one?

Social media has grown rapidly over the last decade, bolstering the position and responsibilities of “influencers” and “brand ambassadors”. Company’s tend to use influencers because they traditionally have a big following, and their endorsement could generate publicity and revenue for the company. In view of this newer job role, the agreements which our London-based Influencer Contract Lawyers can draft aim to maintain that you stay protected in this changing and innovative industry.

Influencer/Brand Ambassador Agreements are often drafted to outline the relationship between an influencer and a company; typically consisting of the influencer advertising on behalf of the company. These agreements can be used for a one-time campaign, or for an on-going relationship. By which point you are looking for an ambassador to promote your company, you will have built a strong reputation and particular brand for yourself. It is these agreements which will help protect and maintain this reputation. These types of agreements are typically used for such legally binding protection that both parties will require when establishing any form of relationship.

An Influencer or Brand Ambassador Agreement will outline the terms of the relationship such as, but not limited to, its obligations, compensation and its timeline. It will indicate how disputes should be resolved to avoid litigation and will be legally binding.

Given that influencing is a much more autonomous, or personal, role than that of an advertising or marketing company, an experienced Influencer Agreement Contract Lawyer will be able to draw on clauses which a non-legal eye might have not realised. Thus, in view of both brand protection and legal protection, this type of corporate relationship requires a commercial contract. Forming this sort of business relationship with an advertising requirement, demands an emphasis on the clarification of intellectual property rights, not just keeping you protected. Allowing yourself the protection and clarification of the agreements your company enters into, you will calmly and comfortably gain the advantages such a business relationship can offer.

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Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

Marketing and advertisinga codes boast lots of legal jargon and specifics, which need to be deconstructed and are understood by our legal professionals. Our contract lawyers are distinguished in drafting such Influencer or Brand Ambassador Agreements. With Adam Bernard on your bargaining side, we will ensure that your reputation stays protected for the duration of the relationship between yourself and the other party. Since these agreements and relationships differ from client to client, your requests and rights will, of course, be individually heard and maintained through our comfortable lines of communication our specialised Influencer Agreement Contract Lawyers.

Our Influencer Agreement Contract Lawyers can also review and advise on agreements you are being asked to sign, renegotiate new terms on existing agreements and contracts or draft entirely new contracts.

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