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Areas Of Expertise & Experience

• Finances in Divorce

Ms. Nicola has been dealing with local and national courts in applications for child contact for a number of years. Nicola has an excellent success rate in obtaining contact / residence orders for fathers and has also represented mothers in opposed applications for increased child contact.

Ms. Nicola has in-depth knowledge about the factors to be considered by the court in contested children proceedings and can assist clients in putting forward their case to obtain the best possible outcome. Nicola is experienced in dealing with disputed allegations about domestic violence including sexual abuse.

• Divorce

Ms. Nicola is very experienced in both defended and undefended divorce cases, including nullity of marriage and jurisdictional disputes relating to overseas divorce.

Ms. Nicola has an excellent track record in obtaining divorces for uncooperative spouses, and amicably agreed separations.

• Parenting agreements and consent orders

Nicola can apply for a legally binding agreements regarding childcare for clients who want to ensure certainty following a family breakdown, this is especially important for younger children or hostile / erratic ex’s.

• Emergency court applications

Ms. Nicola has vast experience in emergency applications for urgent matters including relocation, preventing a parent from taking a child abroad, cases regarding female genital mutilation and child abduction matters.

• Family mediation (non-court resolutions)

Ms. Nicola has a strong network of mediators, barristers and other professionals that may be required such as tracing agents to locate a missing partner or child.

Ms. Nicola has assisted clients with offers for financial support, negotiating childcare arrangements outside the courts and reconciliation matters.

• Child support and DNA disputes

Ms. Nicola deals with child maintenance disputes, child maintenance agreements and parentage disputes. Nicola has assisted unmarried fathers and blended families in obtaining declarations of parentage.

• Restraining orders

Ms. Nicola has issued and defended several applications for non-molestation and occupation orders, to assist clients who are victims of domestic abuse. Nicola has successfully discharged orders made without the other party’s knowledge, and assisted clients seeking to regulate the use of a family home.

Ms. Nicola can also assist with protection from harassment and warning letters to abusive partners or family members.

Ms. Nicola is the Head of the Family Department and a Director at Adam Bernard Solicitors who deals with Family Law matters. Ms. Nicola is an experienced solicitor with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. She is skilled in all areas of family law, including court proceedings for divorce and children matters.


Ms. Nicola has qualified with a Postgraduate degree from the University of Law. Ms. Nicola is recognised and approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. She is currently working towards becoming a family accredited specialist.






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• Unmarried partners and cohabitation contracts

Ms. Nicola has assisted a number of unmarried partners who are living together to safeguard their interests. Nicola can advise cohabitants on property rights and is experienced in drafting cohabitant agreements, deeds of separation, Pre and Postnuptial agreements.

Ms. Nicola can also advise partners who marriage is not recognised under UK law.

• Adoption and Special Guardianship Orders

Ms. Nicola has represented a number of family members applying to become a child’s Special Guardian, where the child’s parent has either died or is not able to look after the child.

Ms. Nicola has also opposed applications on behalf of parents and dealt with foreign adoption matters.

• Parental complaints against Schools

Ms. Nicola is well versed in education matters and has represented parents in challenges to decisions made by schools, including complaint letters involving bullying, child sexual abuse allegations and playground accidents.

• Enforcement in the family court

Non-compliance with family court orders for child contact can be frustrating to deal with. We can assist parents seeking to enforce their visitation or residence orders by making a further application if mediation fails.Finances in divorce.

Client Testimonials

Mr. E – October 2017 – Child contact matter

Ms. Nicola gave attention to detail. She was concise and understanding. Prompt response and sound advice given throughout proceedings. Options were broken down and explained clearly. The strength and weakness of each option was provided. Nicola was very good at listening to what I had to say and keeping me up to date with progress. I was very satisfied with the overall level of service. The result of my case was better than advised.

Mr. M – November 2018 – Other family matter

Ms. Nicola was very helpful and corporative. She was a great and outstanding lady and provided me with all the information I needed. The information and advice were very easy to understand.

Mr. R – January 2019 – Divorce matter

I was very pleased with the service, and I am very thankful to the family law department. All the information and proceedings were fully explained very clearly on multiple occasions. Nicola is very knowledgeable and humble to deal with, at a stressful time for me and my family. Thank you to Nicola for all your help and understanding with this family matter.

Ms. P – July 2020 – Matrimonial property

I am leaving very satisfied as I got done what I came for. I heard about the firm on the internet, and I would be certain to recommend Nicola to someone else if they needed legal help or advice in family matters.

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