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If you have been naturalised or registered as a British citizen following your UK settlement, the next step is to seek a UK passport. A British passport is one of the most common forms of citizenship proof for UK nationals and is the logical way forward after you settled in the UK. It also lets you travel to the UK without any visa restrictions.

A British passport also allows you to access numerous benefits and services that are reserved for UK nationals. You can use it as valid proof when studying, working, or residing in the UK or applying for overseas or international services meant for UK citizens.

Here at the London-based Adam Bernard’s immigration law firm, we can help you apply for a UK passport, meet all relevant requirements, and speed up the process. It is strongly recommended that you consult an immigration lawyer when you apply for first British passport.

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Application Process and Fees

When applying for a UK passport, you have several options. You can apply online, by post, through your local Post Office in the UK, or by a formal appointment. Here is a look at these options.

Applying Online. To submit an online British passport application, you can use the official UK government website. It is typically cheaper to apply for British citizenship or passport online than by post or other means.

Applying by Post. This option allows you to post your application as well as the relevant documents. You must have these sent to the UKVI office. You must apply the right amount of postage to your package before sending it.

Applying by Appointment. If you want to avoid the processing delays and want your application to be processed within a week or within a single day, you can do so by applying via appointment. You will need to use the Premium or Fast Track service. The Premium service lets you have your application process in a single day. If you choose the Fast Track service, your application is processed within 1 week.

The following standard British passport application fees apply when you submit a passport application:


Passport TypeOnline ApplicationPaper-based Application
Adult Passport (34-page)£75.50£85.00
Adult Passport (50-page)£65.50£95.00
Child Passport (34-page)£49.00£58.50
Child Passport (50-page)£59.00£68.50

If you are applying from outside the UK for an Overseas Passport, you may pay a different fee. The actual fee will depend on where you are applying from and several other factors.

If you use the Online Premium Service, it will cost £177 for a 34-page passport or £187 for a 50-page passport. You can use this service only to apply for the renewal of a previously issued adult passport.

The Fast Track service costs £122 for a 34-page child passport and £132 for a 50-page child passport. Service fees for adult passports are £142 for the 34-page version and £152 for the 50-page version.

You can apply for the 1-week Fast Track service only if:

  • You want to have a damaged, lost, or stolen passport replaced
  • You want to have your personal details altered on your passport
  • You want to apply for a first child passport
  • You want to apply for the renewal of an adult or child passport
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How to Avoid Errors on Your Application?

Many passport applications get delayed due to inaccurate or incomplete information on the application. You can avoid this by keeping these things in view:

  • They are in a ‘genuine and subsisting parental relationship with a child’. That child must either be
  • Your name on the supporting documentation and your passport must match
  • You must list your new name if you have had your name changed
  • You must be 16 or above to be eligible for an adult passport
  • You must provide complete details of any previous UK passports that you may have held
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Documents Required for a British Passport Application

You must provide the original copies of the following documents when applying:

  • A birth or adoption certificate if your date of birth falls before January 1983 and your place of birth was within the UK
  • Proof of the immigration status of your parents if your date of birth falls after January 1983 and you were born in the UK
  • Certificate of naturalisation or registration as a British citizen if you were not born in the UK
  • Evidence of previous immigration history if applicable
  • Details of at least one person who is qualified as per the Home Office rules and can confirm your identity

A qualified immigration lawyer at the London-based Adam Bernard’s office can help you ensure that your application is accurate and complete before you submit it.

Once your passport application is deemed complete by the Passport Office, your documents are returned. You must provide a valid UK address where these documents may be sent. The documents and the passport are sent separately.

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Who is a Counter-Signatory?

A counter-signatory is an individual who can confirm your identity. This is required only if you are applying from within the UK and through a paper-based application.

This person can’t be related to you by birth, marriage, or a personal relationship. He or she must not be an employee of the Home Office, must be a UK or Irish citizen, and must be currently residing in the UK. The counter-signatory must also belong to a designated profession or otherwise have a ‘good standing’ within their community.

You can choose anyone who meets these requirements and can confirm your identity to be the counter-signatory for your application.

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What to do After British Passport Application Refusal?

When applying for a UK passport, you must provide complete and correct information. The Home Office may reject a passport application if:

  • The details on the application could not be verified
  • The applicant is currently being investigated to have their citizenship status removed
  • The application has incomplete or inaccurate details
  • The Home Office suspects that the applicant may use the passport for criminal or terrorist activities

If you have legally obtained your citizenship after passing the British citizenship test, through naturalisation, or after you had attained pre settled status UK, your application is very likely to succeeed granted you have no criminal offences on your record. It is still best to consult reliable immigration lawyers before you apply.

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Here at the London-based Adam Bernard’s law office, we offer comprehensive advice and guidance if you intend to submit a British passport application.

We have the reputation of being among the top immigration solicitors in London. Our immigration lawyers can help you meet all the requirements for your passport application. We also advise you on how best to speed up the process so that you get a decision as soon as possible. With the help of the best immigration solicitors at our office, your odds of success are bright.

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