If you have been threatened with detention, have a family member that is currently being detained and seeks bail, or removal directions have been issued for an individual to leave the UK, the immigration department at Adam Bernard Solicitors is here to help. The nature of these appeals is sensitive and demands an acute understanding of the British immigration system to best support our clients.

At Adam Bernard Solicitors we will take on the fight of our clients to ensure that their liberty is not compromised unjustly. We are passionately against the UK’s policy of detention and this ethical stance motivates the work we do. We will ensure that every possibility is exhausted in order to protect your claim.

Across both of our London offices we have a wealth of experience in managing immigration issues of our client’s that fall within the remit of this area. We are best equipped to ensure that your application has the highest chance of success and that your liberty is upheld.

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Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • Our team of immigration solicitors in London are passionately against the UK government’s policy of detention. We will strive to ensure that every avenue is covered to protect the liberty of our clients
  • We have years of experience in completing bail applications for our clients. We have achieved numerous successes as evidenced through our client testimonies.
  • In order for your case to stand the best prospect of success, visit one of our London offices to ensure that you are comprehensively represented by one of our team

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