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The Innovator Visa is a route open for applicants who are experienced business people with a viable, scalable and innovative business idea. It is an ideal route for businesses outside the EEA who seek to expand and utilise the opportunities in the UK market. A great benefit of this route is that, if successful, the applicant can attain a 5-year route to settlement. Our team of experienced immigration solicitors will guide you through each stage of the application process to give you the best chance of success under this route.

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Stage 2

  • Applications under this route must secure at least £50,000 of capital investment. This endorsement must be secured from an approved entity before an application can be lodged.
  • The applicant must then meet the credibility assessment
  • The applicant must have a maintenance fund of at least £1270 available to them for 28 days prior to the application
  • Meet the English Language requirement at B2 level

Stage 2 – Endorsement

The second stage of the process will require the applicant to present a comprehensive business plan detailing all aspects of your business idea, including projections for growth, profit, cash flow, and job creation, to demonstrate the business meets the endorsement criteria. This must be approved by an approved endorsement body. The criteria by which a business plan is judged by falls into the following categories:

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Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • We have extensive connections to business plan consultant’s adept in creating business plans, conducting market research and preparing documentation to meet the requirements necessary under this route.
  • We will review your application at every stage to ensure that all requirements are met.
  • Our high success rate when completing applications of this type will ensure that your application has the best prospect of success.
  • Our immigration solicitors in London are widely regarded as the best in London for dealing with such matters. We have ensured many applicants have been granted entry to the United Kingdom in order for their ambitions to be realised.

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