Applications based on Family: Couples, Parents and Children

The right for an individual to reside with their family is well protected within British and international law. If you have already been granted a visa, and seek an extension under this route, it is vital that you are given comprehensive advice regarding the requirements you must meet. A failure to do so could have serious consequences to one’s route to settlement. At Adam Bernard Solicitors we will ensure that you are guided through every step of the process to ensure that your right to remain with your family is upheld.

Those making applications under the family route are having to face stricter and stricter requirements, and applications can be refused even where all requirements are met but a singular document is missing. As a result of this harsh reality, it is vital that you are in the capable hands of our department. Attention to detail is fundamental when making these applications, and the successes of countless clients we have served is testament to our ability in this area. Widely regarded as the best immigration solicitors in London for dealing with such applications, we will ensure that you are relieved of all pressures as we guide you through this process seamlessly.

Applications that fall within this category are:

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