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Probate is the process of handling the estate assets of a deceased person, under court supervision. Our experienced Probate Solicitors at Adam Bernard Solicitors can handle this process smoothly, whether a “Will” exists or not.

To start the process, if a Will exists, the Executors nominated in the Will must apply for a “Grant of Probate”. In case there is no Will, the inheritors must apply for a “Grant of Letters of Administration”.

With our years of experience in Probate, dealing with people at a highly emotional time, we can guide you through this process with extreme care for your family or inheritors involved. Last thing we would want is a dispute among those involved, and by providing clear and concise legal advice, we can assure the division of assets is clear to everyone involved to avoid any confusions or disputes.

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Probate Process Explained

  • Stage 1: Contacting the holders of the assets – eg: banks, assurance providers, pension providers etc.
  • Stage 2: Apply for the “Grant of Probate” or “Grant of Letters of Administration”
  • Stage 3: Getting hold of the assets and paying the dues- Placing the statutory ads, notifying the asset holders, applying for funds, payment of debts, paying the fees for the funeral etc.
  • Stage 4: Distribution of Assets and prepare the estate accounts – Legal transfer of ownership for each person involved and finalizing the associated accounts.

Our Service – How We Can Help

While it looks simple as an outline, each stage above has multiple processes involved and overall, it is a complicated process. Our experienced probate solicitors can assess your particular situation and provide the right advice according to your individual situation, and also undertake to handle the entire process for you, making it totally hassle free on your part.

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Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • Our team of probate solicitors has years of experience in handling probate matters for our clients.
  • We ensure that the process is handled sensitively to minimize any disputes among close relatives.
  • We have numerous happy clients where we have handled highly complicated Probate matters.

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