Self-Sponsorship allows to come and live in the UK without the need of having a UK sponsor. If you are the person with a potential business idea and having a background of running a successful business, then this route is for you.

This route leads to the permanent residency and British citizenship, while having an opportunity to run the business of your own choice within the UK.

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All UK employers must apply for a sponsorship licence application to employ a skilled worker from overseas through skilled worker visa.
Sponsor Licences have different categories depending on the need of the organisation. Typically, the type of job decides which category of licence, the sponsor needs to apply for. The types of Sponsor Licence are:

Who can apply?

Anyone who suffice all the following requirement can apply for Self-Sponsorship:

1. Having either experience OR skills / qualification within the area of the business they want to establish

2. Having a potential business idea or buying a pre-existing UK business to takeover

3. Having adequate funds to support and accommodate their proposed business in the UK.

4. There is no minimum or maximum investment required for a proposed business. It depends on may range from £25,000 or more.

5. Ideally, the business must appoint a settled person or a British citizen fulfilling the responsibilities of the Authorising Officer.

6. One must pass an approved English language test at Level B1*

Sponsor Licence:

Your UK company must provide the following 4 documents:

· Most recent UK bank statement, showing funds in account (the amount required will depend on the type of business you are planning to run)

· Employer’s Liability Insurance

· VAT certificate if applicable

· PAYE and Accounts Reference Number

Essential Documents:

The UK company ideally should posses the following documents:

· A company official website

· A company’s email address

· A business plan, for a newly registered company

· An organisation chart demonstrating the staff and current vacancies.

· Business details, operating hours.

Ownership of shares in your sponsoring company

Prior to 1 December 2020, a Tier 2 (General) migrant could not hold more than 10% of the shares in the sponsoring company unless a High Earner with a gross salary of more than £159,600 yearly.

However, under the new Skilled Worker rules came into effect from 1 December 2020, there are no restrictions on the number of shares an applicant can hold in a sponsoring company. If one has a significant shareholding within the existing or a newly registered business, and therefore can control or in position to influence the company’s decisions with respect to his role, this may affect the Home Office’s assessment of the genuineness of the role within the company.

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