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    How much are our fees for a trademark search (UK & EUR)

    Are between £500 – £700 excluding VAT

    Protection of Trademark

    In the UK, a trademark registration gives the proprietor the exclusive right to use the registered trademarks on those goods and services for which it is registered. The registration also gives the owner the right to stop others from using confusing / similar marks for their goods or services.

    Any trademarks infringements here in the UK are covered by the Trademarks Act 1994 by the UK & Wales County / High Courts.

    We also deal in trademarks disputes in the Intellectual Property Court (“IPEC”), High Court proceedings and other court proceedings outside of the UK.

    Trademark Issues / Services – Free Consultation

    • Trademark creation including logo and to ensure that it is protectable / registrable.
    • Obtaining clearance of trademarks / logos for clients before registration.
    • Protection of trademarks by devising a trademarks protection strategy.
    • Protection of registered trademarks including dealing with Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (“IPEC”), High court proceedings and court proceedings outside of the UK.

    Trademark Creation

    We can create a trademark (logo / name) to protect your business brand and once we have created the trademark logo, you would be able to place it next to your brand name subject to the requirement that the logo / name is not already in use / registered.

    Obtaining Clearance of Trademarks

    Before we can apply for a trademark registration here in the UK it is important to know whether that logo / name already exists / registered, so as a result we would always carry out these checks on your behalf.

    Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

    • Our solicitors dealing with Trademark and Intellectual Property Law have years of experience in managing and handling trademark related issues and brand protection services.
    • We offer competitive fees for our services to ensure that our clients have a payment plan that suits their needs.
    • We offer a free consultation service to make sure we understand your issues/needs and gives us the opportunity for a discussion to assure and give you the confidence that our services can fulfil your needs.
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