Lasting Power of Attorney

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Lasting Power of Attorney

The purpose of a Power of Attorney is for an individual to authorise others to make decisions on the ‘donor’s’ behalf. The extent of control that the person appointed will have is dependent on what the donor authorises through this legal document. The individual granting this power is known as the ‘donor’, whereas those to whom the power is granted is known as the ‘attorney’s’.

Such documents are useful when the donor has been in an accident, fallen ill or is of old age and has lost their capacity to make decisions of legal importance themselves. This document will authorise those the donor trusts to make critical decisions on their behalf legally.
There are 2 types of Lasting Powers of Attorney that authorise the ‘attorneys’ to act in different capacities. They are regarding:

  •  Health and Welfare
  •  Property and Financial Affairs

Our team of immigration solicitors are highly experienced when drafting such documents. As these documents hold high legal significance, it is vital that you feel assured and confident in the work of your representatives. At Adam Bernard Solicitors, across both of our London offices, we have successfully ensured that our clients reach the objectives they seek when drafting such documents on their behalf.

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