The divorce process can be an extremely stressful time. We can prioritise what you are hoping to achieve, especially if you have any particular concerns that need to be dealt with quickly, regarding children, domestic abuse or living arrangements.

Whether getting a divorce is the first step, or you have been separated for a number of years, we can assist with any issues that arise as a result of your family breakdown. Seeking professional help at an early stage is especially important if you have particular concerns – for example, if your spouse is abroad, or you think your spouse is hiding financial assets.

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Our London Divorce Solicitors at Adam Bernards have expert affordable family lawyers that have years of experience in handling divorce matters for our clients.  Our Family laywers achieve to gain our clients’ desired results, we handle the process sensitively. Testimonials from our clients demonstrate our numerous successes.  

Our fixed fee process outlines how our divorce service works. Our affordable divorce solicitors provide a straightforward, affordable way to complete the legal aspects of your separation. The approach is easy to understand and follows a set structure, allowing you to manage the proceedings quickly and conveniently. 

We’ll arrange for you to speak with a Family Law Solicitor, who will provide you with legal advice and help us gather information to initiate the divorce process or respond to proceedings. 

 Upon receiving your information, we will prepare the court papers and process your divorce from the beginning to end. Additionally, we will keep you informed of our progress throughout. 

Are you considering taking legal action to end your marriage? 

If you have decided to go through the process of a divorce, then you, as the applicant, will be responsible for completing and submitting your application. Our Divorce solicitor will take care of that step for you as part of our fixed fee service. 

Our fixed fee divorce service for applicants starts from £750, with an additional court fee of £593, as long as both sides accept the divorce. 

The court fee must be paid in full, when you submit your fee. If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for assistance with the cost. You can find out more at GOV.uk. 

The fees associated with legally dissolving your union may vary depending on factors such as finances, assets and children. We are more than happy to go over the details of each case and discuss any available options when you initiate proceedings with us. 

Are you a respondent in divorce proceedings?  

If your partner initiates divorce proceedings against you, you will become the respondent. Consequently, when the court issues the finalised form, it will be sent to you. 

For respondents, our fixed fee divorce service starts at £500, payable upfront. No extra court fees are required. 

Formulating a response to a divorce can be difficult. It’s not an easy thing to come up with a reaction that is appropriate in such a situation. Our Divorce solicitors can assist in this event.  

Divorces can be a difficult situation, but they don’t need to be. Doing your divorce online is the best way to make it painless. With an online divorce service, you can start your process right away and quickly move on with your life. 

With Adam Bernard Solicitors, you’ll be taken through a series of questions regarding your divorce. Afterwards, one of their divorce solicitors Our affordable family lawyers can give you a consultation to review the information you provided as well as clear up any queries. They are also able to supplement missing details. 

After the  divorce application is finished, your paperwork will be sent to you for signing. Your divorce solicitor will take it from there, managing the court and concluding the divorce. 

You have two choices; you can either file for divorce or respond to an already initiated one. Both of these options come with a set cost. 

There’s a lot of paperwork to complete when getting a divorce, Such documents comprise of the divorce application, acknowledgement of service, conditional order and final order. 

  • Divorce Application  

The first step in the process of divorcing is to submit an application for divorce. Individuals must apply for the dissolution of their marriage, using a form provided by the court. Filing the application means the court has been informed that one spouse wishes to end the marriage. This starts off the legal proceedings. 

Initiating the divorce process requires the submission of an application to family court demonstrating that the relationship has been irreparably damaged. The individual launching this action is known as the applicant. 

Once the application for a divorce is completed, the original marriage certificate must be submitted to the court. If it can’t be located, a copy can be acquired from the Register of Births and Deaths for a nominal cost. 

The court will process the application, granting it a court reference number and then sending it to the other person involved in the marriage – the respondent. 

After you submit your request, you need to acknowledge your service. This is an essential step that needs to be completed in order for your request to be processed. 

  • Acknowledgement of service  

The respondent has 14 days to respond to the divorce application by completing and returning the acknowledgement of service form. This informs the court that they have received the papers 

The respondent is unable to challenge the divorce unless there is a jurisdictional issue. 

Once the court get the signed confirmation of service from the respondent, they will pass it onto to the applicant. 

  1. Conditional Order  

The conditional order is the third step and it involves creating a purchase order with the appropriate payment terms, conditions and delivery times. This purchase order will stipulate that if certain conditions are met from the customer, then the goods or services can be purchased. 

Once the signed acknowledgement of service has been returned, and 20 weeks have elapsed since the divorce application was filed, it is possible to request the conditional order. This indicates that the court has accepted your petition to end your marriage. 

This step is significant in the divorce process even though it isn’t the final order. Before April 2022, when reforms were brought into effect, this was referred to as a ‘decree nisi’. 

The customer places their order and pays for it. The customer can then take their purchase away or have it delivered. 

  • Final order  

After the conditional order has been granted, you can apply for a final order within 6 weeks and 1 day. This will officially end your marriage. 

Once the decree is finalized, the divorce is officially complete and the marriage legally dissolved. This frees both parties to pursue new wedlock or civil union. 

Divorces can be an emotionally challenging process, and so the financial aspects of it should not be overlooked. Knowing the details of how to manage money matters in divorce is essential for a smooth transition. It pays to get informed about handling these affairs. 

What is the financial cost of filing for a divorce? 

If you are the one applying for divorce, our fixed fee divorce package starts from £750+VAT . The respondent isn’t required to pay any other fee in addition to the fixed one. 

What are the expenses associated with dissolving a marriage? Does the person filing for divorce need to cover any costs? 

The applicant is responsible for court fees and their solicitor charges. Sometimes they might be able to claim some of these from the respondent if a mutual settlement cannot be made, in which case, further expenses could arise from attending court. 

If you are the respondent being asked to contribute towards a divorce, it’s important to consider all the options. We recommend getting independent advice from a qualified solicitor before making a decision. Doing so may help reduce the likelihood of any disputes being addressed in court. 

If you’re in a tight financial situation and struggling to come up with the resources needed to begin your divorce, there could be other options accessible. People receiving lower wages or certain benefits may be able to apply for assistance when it comes to Court and tribunal fees. Further information can be found on GOV.uk or, alternatively, you can chat with your divorce lawyer. 

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