Data Processing Agreements

At Adam Bernard London-based Solicitors, we understand that data sharing, and processing are an integral part of the new digital commercial landscape. However, there are strict Data Protection Regulations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that create barriers for businesses. To guide your business through this process, our solicitors can aid you in the creation of Data Processing Agreements to ensure the safety of your consumers’ data as well as protection from data mishandling allegations.

A Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is a legally binding document to be entered into between the ‘controller’ of data (i.e. online business) and the ‘processer’ of the data (i.e., usually a third-party that is storing or analysing the data). The document regulates the particularities of data processing and decides the obligations of the parties to keep the data safe and secure.  It is also essential for businesses to ensure the legitimacy of the controllers they use.

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Information That Needs To Be Included In Data Processing Agreements Include:

  • The processor agrees to the controller’s terms on how to process the personal data.
  • Confidentiality agreements for those processing personal data.
  • Security measures surrounding the data are outlined.
  • Agreements to uphold the GDPR.
  • Processors agree to delete all personal data upon terminations of the service.
  • Processor must the controller to conduct an audit.
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What We Can Do

Our solicitors at Adam Bernard London know that it can be a difficult task to ensure compliance with the GDPR. Our Data Protection Lawyers can aid you in creating comprehensive agreements that will act as a safeguard if your business is ever investigated for data mishandling. Our Data Processing Agreements are a certain way of protecting your business from substantial legal fees in the future.

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We can also review and advise on agreements you are being asked to sign, renegotiate new terms on existing agreements and contracts or draft entirely new contracts.

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