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What is the Standard of Care?

The standard of care is the minimum level of care the applicant needs due to their illness, disability, or old age.

For Adult Dependent Visa, this is defined as care that can be ‘reasonably’ provided at the ‘required level.’ These are two different elements that are considered in judging a visa application for this category.

Several factors determine whether any form of care provided to the applicant is reasonable or provided at the required level.

One factor is the availability of a close relative to help the applicant with daily activities. Another factor is the logistic availability of requisite care and facilities in the home country. Finances also play a role in determining whether the required standard of care can be achieved in the applicant’s home country.

How to Apply for An Adult Dependent Visa?

You can apply for an Adult Dependent Visa as the sibling, parent, grandparent, or adult child of someone who has British nationality, has a settled status in the UK, or is in the UK as a refugee or on humanitarian protection.

You must be in need of long-term personal care to be eligible for this type of visa. You can apply for this visa from outside the UK. If you are already in the UK, you can’t switch to the Adult Dependent Visa, even if you meet all the other requirements.

The Adult Dependent Visa solicitors at the London-based Adam Bernard’s can offer detailed help and guidance in applying for the ADR visa. You can consult our Family Visa solicitors on understanding the requirements for the visa and its application process.