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The UK offers several Child Student Visas for overseas workers. These visa routes aim to bring employees on a short-term or long-term basis to their UK branches. The aim of these visa routes is to simplify the process of hiring talent from outside the UK.
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Can I Apply for Child Student Visa in UK?

Child Student Visa allows children from other countries who are not British nationals to come to the UK and pursue studies. An applicant must have an unconditional offer of study from an eligible school, have the consent of their parent or guardian, and prove that they have the financial means to support themselves.

This visa option is available to children aged 4 to 17 years. A student must apply for the Child Student Visa months in advance so that they may have a decision before the course begins.

You can apply up to six months in advance for this type of visa if you are applying from outside the UK. If the application is being submitted from inside the UK, you can apply up to three months in advance.

Here at the London-based Adam Bernard’s law office, our experienced immigration lawyers can help you with the application process. You can consult our Study Visa solicitors for help, guidance, and step-by-step assistance on your visa application.

The Application Process

Before you start the application process, it is important to fully understand the eligibility requirements listed above. If you are unsure about anything, it is best to consult an immigration lawyer.

You will need to ensure the following before you start the application process:

  • You must have an unconditional offer of study from an eligible school in the UK
  • You must have your CAS number
  • You must have a valid form of identity which can be your national identity card or passport

Once you have completed the steps listed above, it is time to start the visa application process. To do so, you must first find the UK visa applicant centre located closest to you. You must visit the centre and see if you need TB or coronavirus testing documents for your visa application.

The next step is to fill out your details in the application form. You must also pay the application processing fee as well as the healthcare surcharge. You can then schedule an appointment at the nearest visa application centre to have your biometric details collected.

After you submit your application, you are provided with a visa interview date. Make sure you are at the centre at the designated time for the interview. A decision is then reached on your application following the interview.

If you are not sure about any aspect of the application process, make sure you consult our immigration lawyers. Our Child Student Visa solicitors can make it easier for you to follow the process and complete it without wasting any time.

Who is Eligible for Child Student Visa UK?

Here is a comprehensive set of requirements an applicant must meet to be eligible for a UK Child Student Visa:

  • The applicant must be aged between 4 and 17
  • The applicant must have received a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • The applicant must be enrolled in an eligible course and at an eligible independent school that charges a tuition fee
  • The applicant must prove the availability of financial means to sustain and support themselves throughout their stay
  • The applicant must have the written consent of parents or guardians
  • There must be no previous immigration breaches on the applicant’s record
  • The applicant must have the right qualifications to enrol in the chosen course

In all, the child student applicant is required to score at least 70 points. Points are awarded for meeting specific requirements such as having a CAS or meeting financial obligations.

Our Child Student Visa solicitors can help you meet these requirements and ensure that you reach the 70-point threshold..

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Child Student Visa Processing Fees

The application fee for a Child Student Visa is £363 if you are applying from outside the UK. For applications from inside the UK, the processing fee is £490.

The amount of healthcare surcharge you must pay depends on the duration of your stay. The healthcare surcharge is charged by the year and for student visa applications, the surcharge is £470 per year.

You may also need to take care of other expenses during the application process. For instance, you may have to pay a small fee to obtain a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

If your documents are not already in English or Welsh, you may also need to hire professional services to have these translated for a fee.

The Home Office takes about three weeks to decide on applications received from outside the UK. For applications from inside the UK, a decision is made within eight weeks.

You can speed up the processing of your application by ensuring that it is complete and accurate. The Child Student Visa lawyers here at Adam Bernard’s law office can help you in this regard.

Documents Required for a Child Student Visa

The Home Office requires you to submit original copies of the relevant documents when applying for a Child Student Visa. You must submit the following documents to make sure your application is complete:

  • A valid form of identity such as a travel document or a passport
  • Original health certifications if applicable to you
  • Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from an eligible institution
  • Written and signed consent of the parents or guardians
  • Bank statements or other financial evidence to prove that you have paid the course fees and have the financial means for at least one year of your stay in the UK
  • Payment receipts, bank statements, or other documentation to prove that you have paid accommodation costs for at least one year of your stay in the UK

If your application lacks any of the required documents, the Home Office may ask you to resubmit the documents or reject the application. This can lead to unnecessary delays and hassle.

Our Child Student Visa lawyers can help you ensure that your application is accurate and complete before you submit it. Our Study Visa solicitors can also help you obtain the documents that you don’t yet have.

Get in touch with our expert Child Student Visa Solicitors today.

Financial Requirements

Child Student Visa recipients are not allowed to work for pay in the UK until they are 16. Even if they choose to work after 16, they are subject to certain restrictions.

An important part of the application process is to show that the child applicant has sufficient financial means to pay tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other expenses during their stay in the UK.

The Home Office specifies that the following financial obligations must be fulfilled when applying for a Child Student Visa:

  • If the student intends to stay at the eligible school, there must be sufficient funds available to pay the tuition fees and accommodation costs for one year.
  • If the student is 16 or 17 and lives independent, there must be sufficient funds to pay one-year tuition fees as well as £1,334 per month for up to nine months if studying in London. For courses based outside London, the student must have £1,023 per month for up to a maximum of nine months.
  • If the student is living with a foster care or relative, they must have the means to pay a one-year tuition fee and £570 per month up to a maximum of nine months.
  • If the student is living with a parent or legal guardian, they must have funds to pay a one-year tuition fee and £1,560 per month up to a maximum of nine months in case they have no other dependent children. If there are other dependent children, the per month obligation is reduced to £625 per child.

Understanding the financial requirements for a Child Student Visa can be a bit complex. The Child Student Visa lawyers at our law firm make the process simpler and give you the exact amount of funds you are required to have for the visa.

Duration and Extension

If you are aged under 16 years, you are eligible to stay in the UK for up to 6 years and another four months granted that your course runs for this length. If the course ends sooner, this may mark the expiry date of the visa.

For students aged 16 or 17, the child visa is valid for up to three years and another four months. This is again dependent on whether or not the course ends sooner.

If you wish to continue studying in the UK as an international student aged 18 years and older, you must take the Student Visa route. This will require you to submit a new application and seek this other type of visa. Our immigration lawyers can help you file for a Student Visa.

Parent of a Child Student Visa

As a parent, you can apply for the Parent of a Child Student Visa if your child has already received a Child Student Visa or is in the process of applying for one.

You are eligible for the visa if your child is aged between 4 and 11, and has already received Confirmation of Acceptance at an approved UK school. You must also prove that you will leave the UK as soon as your visa expires and intend to keep your residence in your country of residence.

When you have a Parent of the Child Student Visa, you are not legally allowed to do business, study, or work in the UK. You can’t seek public benefits or apply to have another member of your family brought to the UK.

Under this visa, you can stay in the UK until your child’s visa expires, or until the child turns 12. Of these two criteria, the one that occurs first will mark the expiry of your parent visa. If your child still qualifies under the Child Student Visa and continues to study in the UK, you can seek an extension to your parent visa.

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How Can Adam Bernard’s Study Visa Solicitors Help?

The application process for a Child Student Visa can be complicated. Without expert legal help and guidance, you may end up submitting an incomplete or inaccurate application that can lead to refusals or delays.

This is where the immigration lawyers at Adam Bernard’s law office help. Our Child Student Visa solicitors can guide you throughout the application process and help you fulfil all the relevant requirements. You can also consult our Child Student Visa lawyers for help with determining eligibility.

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