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Can I Apply For a UK Family Visit Visa?

If you have one or more family members in the UK and you want to visit them temporarily, your best option is the Family Visit Visa. This is a type of Standard Visitor Visa that allows you to stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months.

Compared to several other points-based visas, you have to meet a smaller number of requirements to be eligible for a Family Visit Visa. Despite that, the Home Office very strictly scrutinizes applications submitted for a Family Visit Visa under the Standard Visitor visa category.

You also have limited rights once you are granted this visa. On this type of visa, you can’t work in the UK, apply for dependents to join you, or claim public funds.

The Family Visit Visa is for non-EEA nationals. If you have an EEA national who is already in the UK, you may be eligible for the EEA Family Permit.

The standard duration for a Family Visit visa is 6 months. However, if you are coming to the UK for medical treatment or have other exceptional circumstances, you may be able to seek an extended Standard Visitor visa. The maximum duration for such a visa is up to 10 years.

Here at the London-based Adam Bernard’s, our Family Visa solicitors help you meet the specific requirements for the visa. With the help of our Family Visa application solicitors, you can also make sure that your application is accurate and complete before you submit it.

Who Can Apply?

The Family Visit Visa is specifically limited to the family members of an individual already living in the UK. To be eligible as a family member of the UK resident, applicants must be one of the following:

  • Children
  •  Grandchildren
  •  Parents
  •  Grandparents
  •  Siblings
  • Half Siblings
  • Step Siblings

Before July 2012, the Home Office also allowed an applicant to apply for the visa if they were