Skilled Worker Visa Extension

The UK offers several Skilled Worker Visa for overseas workers. These visa routes aim to bring employees on a short-term or long-term basis to their UK branches. The aim of these visa routes is to simplify the process of hiring talent from outside the UK.
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How to Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa Extension?

The Skilled Worker Visa is one of the most popular work routes for individuals seeking to live and work in the United Kingdom. This particular work visa allows you to come and work in the UK for up to 5 years. It also helps you seek a settled status and become a permanent resident in the UK.

If you already hold a Skilled Worker Visa and want to apply for an extension, the good news is that you have the option to seek a renewal of your visa. However, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the extension.

The Skilled Worker Visa extension solicitors London at Adam Bernard’s can help you identify and fulfil these requirements. With the help of our business immigration solicitors, you can speed up the process of applying for an extension.

Requirements for Visa Renewal

You must satisfy specific criteria as a Skilled Worker Visa holder to be eligible for an extension to your visa. Here is a look at this criterion:

  • You must have a valid Skilled Worker Visa which has not yet expired. At the same time, your visa must be near the date of expiry.
  • You must have a new Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from your employer in the UK. This CoS must have been issued by the same employer who granted you the original CoS for your Skilled Worker Visa.
  • You must still be working on the same job as listed on your first CoS. This means that the occupation code for your job must also remain the same.
  • You must have sufficient means to support yourself in the UK.
  • Your employer must offer you an annual salary that is at or above the threshold minimum salary or the ‘going rate’ for your job. 
  • You must have a required minimum level of English language proficiency.

You may also need to meet additional requirements, depending on the circumstances of your case. The business immigration solicitors at the London-based Adam Bernard’s can offer you detailed guidance in this regard.