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There are several routes in which a spouse may be eligible for entry clearance to the United Kingdom. Fundamental across each of these routes, however, is the immigration status of the spouse resident in the United Kingdom. That spouse must be a British citizen or hold indefinite leave to remain, in order to be successful under this route.

Meet the financial requirement

Meeting the financial requirement is often the most crucial part of the application and requires an acute attention to detail. When making an application for a spouse only, the threshold is set at £18,600. This increases incrementally depending on the number of children enclosed with the application. This is the following:

  • 1 Child – £22,400
  • 2 Children – £24,800
  • 3 Children – £27,200
  • Each extra Child = +£2,400

There are several different ways in which one can meet the financial requirement, and the evidence that one will need to provide changes depending on your employment status. To give you the best chance of success, it is paramount that you guided by the experience of our team. Different ways of meeting the above threshold can be through:

  • Employment
  • Self-employment
  • Cash savings
  • Pension

Exemption from £18,600 Financial Requirement

  • If the spouse resident in the United Kingdom receives any of the following benefits, they will not need to meet the strict requirements necessary for the categories above. Instead, they will need to meet the lesser threshold of showing that they are able to ‘adequately maintain’ the applicant without recourse to public funds. The benefits applicable are the following:
  • Attendance allowance
  • Carer’s allowance
  • Disability living allowance
  • Personal independence payment
  • Armed forces independence payment or guaranteed income payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
  • Constant attendance allowance, mobility supplement or a war disablement pension under the War Pensions Scheme
  • Severe disablement allowance
  • Industrial injury disablement benefit
  • Police injury pension
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Meet the suitability requirements

  • This requires the applicant to show that there is nothing adverse in the way of; previous convictions, breach of immigration rules, medical condition that would make entering the UK undesirable.
  • It is important to note that the above does not necessarily fall for a ground of refusal. Indeed, they need to be declared and requires the applicant to have submitted documents to evidence their claim. This requires expert advice from one of our 2 offices in London to give your application the best chance of success.

Prove that they are in a ‘genuine and subsisting relationship

  • Although this may sound like a formality, it is often a requirement that can be overlooked and therefore can result in refusal. To give your application the best chance of success requires each avenue to be explored. Our expert solicitors in each of our London offices will ensure this part of your application stands the best chance of success.

Have adequate accommodation in the UK

  • In order for an applicant to be successful under this route, it needs to be shown that there is adequate accommodation in the UK for them to arrive to. We at Adam Bernard Solicitors provide Housing Assessments on each residence we represent to ensure the best chance of success. Our expert team will take care of all matters to ensure that our clients are guided through this process seamlessly…

English language requirement

  • For applicants entering the United Kingdom for the first time, they will be required to provide evidence they can speak at an A1 level. To ensure the best chances of your applications success, come to our London offices to be provided with expert advice on how to obtain this requirement.

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