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What is UK Ancestry Visa?

A UK Ancestry Visa is a type of UK visa available through the family visa route. This is a 5-year visa that allows you to stay and work in the UK. Once 5 years have elapsed, you can then apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) ultimately paving the way for full British citizenship.

You can apply for this type of visa only if you meet the following two basic conditions:

  • One of your grandparents was born in the UK
  • You are a citizen of a Commonwealth nation

If you can meet these requirements, it is very likely that you are eligible to receive a UK Ancestry visa. However, certain other requirements must also be met as a part of the visa application process.

Here at the London-based Adam Bernard’s law firm, our British nationality solicitors offer you detailed help and guidance. With the help of our UK Ancestry Visa solicitors, you can ensure that you meet all the relevant requirements when applying for the visa.

General Requirements for a UK Ancestry Visa

You are required to meet a wide range of requirements to be eligible for a UK Ancestry Visa. Here is a look at these:

  • You must have the citizenship of a Commonwealth nation
  • You must be aged at least 17
  • You must have the intention and the plan to work in the UK, either on a job or in a self-employed position
  • You must have the financial resources to support yourself once you arrive in the UK without resorting to the use of public funds
  • Your eligible grandparent must have been born in the UK, Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands; alternatively, you can also seek the visa if your eligible grandparent was born on board a ship or aircraft registered with Britain
  • If your eligible grandparent was born in the Republic of Ireland, you can seek the visa if the date of birth fell on or before March 31, 1922

You are still eligible for the visa if your parents or grandparents were not married, or if you or your parents had been adopted. However, you can’t seek the visa through your step-parents.

If you are not sure whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements, our Family Visa solicitors can help. Once you get in touch with us, our British nationality solicitors conduct a careful review to ascertain whether or not you are eligible.