Providing independent legal advice

Sometimes clients require independent legal advice for their transactions. There are many instances as to why individuals would require this service. Most commonly, however, are directors of a company who are also personal guarantors to a mortgage.

There are other instances where there is a significant risk of a conflict of interest. Therefore, your solicitor will advise you to obtain independent legal advice, otherwise known as ILA.

We are happy to assist clients in advising them of their duties and obligations under their mortgage and/or any other advice that they may need to complete their transactions. Where necessary, we will be able to offer our services to match your needs, this is to ensure that your matter is resolved as quickly as possible.

In order to obtain assistance in relation to the above, please call 0207 100 2525 to book an appointment with the head of our department, Mr Rayhaan Ahmad, who will be able to advise you comprehensively on your matter.

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